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Welcome to lambrettaupgrades.co.uk!!!

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This is the third incarnation of this website due to Microsofts' policies on web hosting. They closed down the old website for the second time and this time tried to get me to upgrade to their new (read: expensive) web hosting site, so I've started from scratch with a new web host and am building the website myself, hence all the unfinished and missing pages. 

I try and sell genuine upgrades and custom parts for Lambrettas, and vespas, and try to stay away from low quality parts that are available at your one-stop scooter shop, selling diverse parts from one-off cowls and braided stainless steel brake hoses to machined down half-nuts and special stainless parts .

For those people interested, I have been running the website since around 2004 with the R1 shocks. I was fed up with paying out for new escorts shocks every year and had a Taffspeed shock snap on me so my well padded behind needed something more 'manly' to take the strain............................. 

The same goes for the poor quality disc brake hose I got with my scootRS disc brake kit at around the same time - It was too short to change a puncture without taking the calliper off (as I found out on the way home from Scarborough!) and started 'bulging' in less than a year. This prompted me to get in touch with HEL and between us we came up with the hoses I still sell Today alongside an exclusive PX disc brake hose and now a new line in GT/GTS front and rear hoses.

 We now have a tyre fitting machine, small enough to handle SIP/AF tubeless rims with ease. We can fit a tyre to a rim but also offer a drive-up service, but you must book this. Please call 07915394255 to book for fitting.

The complete package is now available from strip down, painting by a top quality sprayer and rebuilding. We also have an award-winning custom airbrusher onboard for any specialist work you may require. We are also lucky to have a traditional signwriter who can add that extra touch, from song lyrics to sponsor decals.

 We can rebuild your engine with just bearings and seals, carrying everything on the shelf to replace worn out parts. We can also add improvements - porting your cylinder, upgrading your cylinder kit to a full race-spec motor. Big crank/rod combinations can be used to improve port timings.