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Glenn Walton's Li RB200

wanted an Li street racer style scooter, but a bit different - so that's what we gave him! The RB200 engine was already in the scooter but we stripped it, got the casings powdercoated and gave it a Lam-Up tickle. Glenn had picked the colours, but gave us a free reign on what to do with it. The bodywork went off for blasting then we hit a standstill as our painter had an accident. We tried other painters but they just weren't up to our spec. so we had to wait for him to recover to get it finished. Glenn had a revised deadline of before his clubs rally and I'm pleased to say he took it away and had it for RatRun #7 last weekend in Featherstone. Glenn has also said we can use this design as our 'dealer special' if anyone would like this in different colours. Message me for more details.
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