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Rear shock - Machined down M16 nyloc 1/2 nut kit


Top quality made in the U.K. by Lambretta upgrades, stainless nyloc rear shock nut kit, consisting of:

2 X A2 stainless nyloc nuts machined down to less than half size

2 X thick large M18 A2 stainless washers

2 x thicker large M18 A2 stainless washers

2 X  A2 stainless wavy washers

The nuts are machined down to just less than 1/2 size, as you can see in the second picture.

These are designed to go with shocks that have the wider springs on, such as the R1/6 conversions and my CNC shocks, letting the shock pivot freely on the mounts. Made from top quality stainless steel, Comes with 2 x thick washers, 2 x extra thick washers and 2 x wavy washers.

Please note: these are in limited numbers and are machined every Monday, so if we have run out they will not be sent out until the following Monday.

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