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Forks - rod ball bearing - STAINLESS


Top quality, Lambretta GP fork rod bearing. sourced and made in the U.K.

Industry Standard Grade 100 420 Stainless Ball Bearings: High Quality Graded 420 Stainless Steel Ball bearings made from AISI 420 Stainless Steel with a hardness of 52 -55 HRC Rockwell Scale, the hardness is all the way through the ball. These are the same stainless 420 steel balls used to manufacture bearing assemblies and have a high duty and life cycle.

The most commonly used martensitic stainless steel giving fair corrosion resistance to fresh water, steam, petrol, alcohol, blood, sweat, oils and foodstuffs.

These balls are hardened all the way through. BEWARE of other similar looking products that are case hardened ie: only the outer skin is hard.

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