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Hydraulic hose - 1/2 metre length, any colour


This is for a1/2 metre length of HEL hydraulic hose for use with Lambretta

The main seller is the plain stainless pipe with plain stainless fittings but please note : I can now offer these with BLACK, GOLD, WHITE, NEON BLUE, RED, CANDY RED, BLUE, KAWASAKI GREEN, LILAC, CARBO-LOOK, ORANGE, DARK BLUE CANDY, BLUE, VIOLET, PINK and YELLOW covered stainless pipes.

 The construction consists of a coloured outer, stainless braided inner and teflon liner.

 This does not come with any ends or nuts or washers.

Please note: if this is extra for a disc brake hose you will not be charged for shipping

Price includes VAT @ 20%

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