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Bearing set - Complete - With Li/SX Flywheel Bearing & 2 x crownwheel needle rollers


Sourced in the U.K, This is a top quality bearing set for a Lambretta, with a Li/SX style crank (shorter taper), and two crownwheel needle roller bearings.


All the bearings are FAG (German), the needle rollers are all made by INA (German - a subsiduary of FAG), except for the rear hub bearing - this is a top quality Indian bearing

 The drive bearing has one seal already in, as recommended in the stickys' manual, and the fly bearing has the outer (sits in the mag housing) and inner (fits onto crank). 


Kit consists of:


Drive bearing


Flywheel bearing


Gear cluster bearing


Rear hub bearing


Layshaft needle roller


Gear cluster roller and


2 x Crownwheel needle bearings.

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