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Dellorto - complete carburettor - VHSH flat slide 30mm *JETTED TO YOUR SPEC*


These are top spec carbs, used by racers and people who want the fastest, crispest throttle response, Ideal for the Lambretta TS1 Etc. We use these on all our fast engine builds.

64mm Plain air intake connection.

 35mm Rubber sleeve type engine connection. Takes the same rubber as the PHBH type carb

Fitted with cable type choke, flip type is available on request

These have a minimum of a 300 float valve fitted and comes with a 50 slide, this cannot be swapped but you can change the atomiser, slide needle, main jet, idle jet and emulsion mixer tube.

Price includes VAT @ 20%

Please state jetting required and MOBILE telephone number for courier

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