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Inlet manifold - PHBH - 26, 28 & 30. for 200, 225, 250cc casings, also RT 195


This is a manifold to suit the Lambretta large block engine casing (200, 225 & 250cc) casing to take a  rubber mounted PHBH 26, 28 and 30mm carburettors. You can buy the carb. rubbers here:  http://lambrettaupgrades.co.uk/apps/webs tore/products/show/7895263

The small block RT195 and the newer Mugello 195 kits also take this larger 200cc big block manifold as the stud spacings are wider

This is also the same one you use to fit the 22 and 25mm PHBL carburettors - this does require a stepped rubber, these are available here:   http://www.lambrettaupgrades.co.uk/apps/ webstore/products/show/8100481

Please note: These do not fit the Mugello 186 kits

The measurements between the stud holes is approx. 62mm - please check your casing before buying.

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