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Stator - Lambretta - BGM, 12Volt - DC, Version 4 for use with Wassell regulator

£78.99 £85.49

 BGM's 12 Volt DC (direct current/battery type) stator plate. CAN ALSO BE USED FOR AC see wiring below.....

 The ultimate Lambretta Stator plate to give the most power to run the lighting system on DC using a battery or capacitor (or without either)

 Works with our BGM Rectifier or any single phase rectifiers (Wassell/Podtronics)

 DC Stator 2 Yellow wires (Thick Yellow and Yellow/Red tracer wire) goes to the two yellows on the rectifier.

AC Stator (Thick Yellow goes to regulator. Yellow/Red tracer wire goes to earth)

Comes with an extra Black earth for super safety - earth to the frame.

Green, Red, White are for the CDI coil the same for DC and AC.



It comes with grey and black sleeving and is the highest output stator available and comes with adjusting plates so the pickup can be raised.



These have also had the slots elongated for more adjustment on the timing, ideal for using advance/retard units such as the Kytronik Etc.


Wiring diagrams can be found here  http://www.lambrettaspares.com/pages/dow nloads/mb%20looms.pdf


This stator can also be used as an AC stator by using the Yellow with tracer wire to earth on the frame. Thicker Yellow goes to the regulator (AC) or to the Bgm Regulator/Rectifier AC/DC.

Black is an extra earth.

Red, White & Green to CDI

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