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fuel hose petrol pipe) - anti kink, with internal coiled spring -Clear, Per foot


This is another excellent product, the quality is perfect, suitable for all series 1,2 & 3 Lambrettas.

 Its clear so you can see through it and check for blockages or debris, and has a coil spring so it does not kink, you can even tie it in knots with no kinking.

 Comes with a 6mm internal diameter so boiling water will help to fit it to Mikuni or 7mm pipe work.


Sold in 1 foot or multiples of 1 foot lengths - NOT metres.

1 foot is enough for standard side caburettors - on left when sitting on scooter, 2 foot is enough for TS1 side carbs.

will come as a single length if more than 1 foot is ordered.

Price includes VAT @ 20%


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