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Carburettor mounting rubber flange to manifold, PHBH - MRB


This is a Mark Broadhurst redesigned, improved and strengthened flange type carb mounting rubber.  

Suits all Lambrettas and vespas fitted with Dellorto 26 - 30mm PHBH, VHSH, PWK types 24 -30mm carbs or any other carb with similar spigot size.

Comes marked with MB

Fits 35mm (34 - 36mm) spigot outside diameter with one single lip

Rubber measures 26mm in length

Comes with internal lip fitting to suit some manifolds, this can easily be removed

Bolt hole spacing is 60mm

Fits new type MB TS1 reed manifold

Fits MB shorty Reed manifold

Fits LTH, ScootRS reed manifolds and any engine with the same spacings

Does NOT come with jubilee clip



1. Make sure both inlet manifold and carb are clean and dry before fitting

2. Always use the wide type Jubilee clips

3. Do not over tighten the clips

4. Always carry a spare

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