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Lambretta Wiring loom universal AC, AC-DC, DC, fits all, includes MB earth loom, Black - MBD


 Lambretta Black universal wiring loom, probably the most versatile loom on the market for Lambrettas with electronic ignitions.


Works with all Electronic systems for a Lambretta, Series 1, 2 and 3 models

Works with BGM, SIL, AF, Vespa, Varitronic and Casa flywheels and stator plates

Can be used to supply a standard AC Electronic ignition system

Can be used to supply AC with DC trickle feed for toys from a BGM, Varitronic and Vespa regulator/rectifiers

Can be used to supply a full DC battery only electronic conversion, Wassell, Podtronic and single phase rectifier


Also includes the MB earth loom, Black, MRB


Designed by Mark Broadhurst

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