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T shirt - Mountain junky, short sleeved - extreme temperature wear - SAND - 1/2 price!

£11.99 £24.99

Google mountain junky to see what the fuss is about!

 The IDEAL scooter rally t-shirt!!! Read to see why!

Colour: SAND 


Mountain Junky T-Shirt for men. Extremely comfortable to wear. These T-shirts have even been to the top of Everest! A technical, organic T-shirt made from Bamboo one of the few fabrics on the planet that is sustainable and 100% biodegradable so is kind to the environment. Great for keeping you cool in hotter conditions and warmer when you need a little extra heat - used extensively on expeditions and mountain climbs, yet also perfect for everyday casual wear.

 Made from 97% Bamboo and 3% Elastine. The fabric is soft, organic, environmentally friendly, breathable, temperature controlled, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial.



 Bamboo is well known for its softness, so great for people with sensitive skin or allergies

 Naturally anti-bacterial and has anti fungal properties

 Highly breathable and will keep you cooler in hotter conditions and warmer when you need a little bit of extra heat

 Excellent for wicking and absorbing moisture so keeps you dry

 Naturally strong so gives the fabric the ability to withstand wear and tear and retain its shape after multiple washes

 Great for blocking ultra violet rays, up to 98% are blocked by the Bamboo fabric

 100% biodegradable, so once you have finished wearing it the fabric will breakdown naturally and create no waste


- ON SPECIAL OFFER - RRP £24.99 - sale price £11.99


- once these have gone, there will be mo more -

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