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Gasket set - Complete set all UK made for Lambretta upgrades - 225cc

£13.50 £16.55

This kit is for a standard 225cc engine and comprises of:

Top quality chaincase side gasket, standard thickness

Top quality base gasket with larger transfer areas

Top quality laser cut head gasket

Top quality halite drive bearing gasket

Top quality magneto housing gasket

Top quality inlet gasket

Top quality gear swivel base and adjuster block gaskets

Top quality level, drain and breather plug gaskets

Top quality stator wiring to magneto housing gasket

Copper big bore exhaust gasket

All the gaskets are made in the U.K. exclusively for Lambretta upgrades, except the copper exhaust gasket.

The total price of the individual gaskets would be £16.55 - Special offer of £13.50

Price includes VAT @ 20%

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