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Fixing kit - Complete, Li Series 3 - Includes bodywork, shock, engine bolt, wheel rims


Top quality, comprehensive U.K. sourced complete Lambretta body fixing kit for Li Series 3, this includes some of the bigger nuts missed off in most rebuild kits, and includes the two legshield/floor runner 'T' nuts. GP/Li special/SX available here: http://www.lambrettaupgrades. co.uk/apps/webstore/products/show/728271 1


Frame and body:

  Centre stand

  Seat and catch

  Rear mudguard

  Horncasting to Legshields/mudguard

  Legshields to frame/mudguard

  Air scoop

  Dog leg

  Rear shock

  Engine bolt

  Horn grill

  Bridge piece



  Light switch and housing

  Headset top

  Throttle/gear rod saddle support

  Speedo retaining plate

  Headlight rim


Wheel rims

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