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Tool - Layshaft puller (pulling) sleeve, MBD


Top quality tool from MRB, this is to pull the layshaft into the rear hub bearing (also known as a final drive pulling sleeve)

It is important when fitting the layshaft and checking the tolerances in the gearbox, that the layshaft is pulled all the way into the rear hub bearing, as far as it will go.

 One way is to use a hammer then fit the rear hub and tighten it up but this can be difficult on the workbench.

 As an alternative Mark Broadhurst came up with this sleeve design.

 Offer the layshaft into the bearing, fit the sleeve locating the allen screw in the layshaft grooves, fit and special nut provided, hold the sleeve with a spanner and tighten the nut until the layshaft is drawn into position, when it locks up remove the allen bolt and refit in the next hole.

 Ideal to fit the layshaft and keep it tight so the gearbox can be shimmed up correctly.

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