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Crankshaft - 62 x 115, 18mm small end - very high performance race crank - Pro-Porting


Top quality race crank put together using the finest parts by Harry Barlow of Pro-porting. We use these in our special engine rebuilds, these are ideal for fast touring/racing scooters. These have an 18mm small end for use with certain Japanese pistons, and other exotic conversions. See the other listing for 16mm small end cranks for use with standard Lambretta pistons


Using a high load big end bearing and Japanese rod making them a super-smooth ride, these are trued then have the pin tig welded, then checked and trued again if needed.


These also need a groove to be machined into the casing as the rod at the big end sticks past the webs. With a steady hand you can do this at home with a dremel, but if you have any doubts as to what you are doing, give it to a professional. We can provide this service at Lambretta upgrades.



These take an 18mm small end bearing, 2 are supplied with crank - a standard length and a wider one for use with certain pistons.

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