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Oil - 500ml Sip squeeze bottle with 2%, 3% and 4% marks

£10.99 £11.49

A NEW top item from SIP is the 'Squeeze fuel-oil dispenser incorporating a special 'Squeeze-valve' for drip-free use with a screw on cap, ideal for pre-mixing oil on Lambrettas and Vespas

The SIP 'Squeeze Fuel-Oil Dispenser' makes the process of manually adding fuel-oil to your fresh petrol as easy and as comfortable as never before! Simply invert the filled dispenser unit when closed, undo the safety-screw, measure off the desired amount of oil and squeeze it out! The special 'Squeeze-valve' prevents any unnecessary oil escaping, even when the valve is facing the floor! At last a solution to the problem of being left with an oily sticky oil bottle, following refuelling, which inevitably spreads its way around the rest of the toolbox and its contents.

A fuel-mixture scale displaying all common fuel-mixture ratios – 1:50 (original), 1:33 (tuned) and 1:25 (vintage).

All fuel-mixture ratio markings are legible while the dispenser is inverted for use. XL sized filler opening for easier refilling.

Safety-screw to prevent accidental opening.

This dispenser can store enough fuel-oil to allow 5 x 5L of petrol to be mixed at a ratio of 1:50.

Attention : Once filled, all contact between children and this device should be strictly avoided due to the danger of poisoning once ingested! The dispenser is also provided with a Braille coded warning relief for the visually impaired.

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