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Disc brake -Banjo bolt - M10 bonded seals (Dowty) X 2


Top quality, these are used instead of the copper crush washers to seal the banjo bolt on Lambretta and Vespa master cylinders and callipers.

Commonly known as Dowty Seals, these bonded Seals and Washers provide reliable and dependable resistance to the high pressure application, particularly suitable for sealing under the heads of bolts and threaded components in a disc brake,  where a perfect face-to-face contact is required for sealing against dot 4 brake fluid.

Our Bonded Seals (or Dowty Seals) consist of a rubber sealing element that is bonded to the inner wall of a metal washer. They are used in applications where high pressures demand greater sealing capacity that can be obtained with Copper washers.

Come as a pair.

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