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Carburettor mounting rubber, PHBH Etc. - Made exclusively for Lam-Up


A top quality carburettor rubber made exclusively by Lambretta upgrades suitable for both Lambrettas and Vespas fitted with PHBH or VHSH carburettors.

Has a 34mm Inside Diameter both ends with an internal 'rib'

Fits the following carburettors:

Dellorto PHBH / VHSH Carburettors

Spaco Dellorto 28/ 30mm

Mikuni TM27, TM 28mm, TM 30mm 

BGM, Koso, PWK, 24 PJ, 28, 30

Uses the 32mm to 50mm jubilee type clips (requires 2 - not supplied) Available here:  http://lambrettaupgrades.co.uk/apps/webs tore/products/show/4562500


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