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Disc brake kit, WHITE or BLACK hub - NISSIN calliper and master cylinder, complete with HEL hose - DISC links

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 The best-selling Lambretta disc brake in the world! Modernise your Lambretta with the hydraulic front disc brake kit exactly as on a new scooter and get vastly superior stopping power. Far better than even the standard Lambretta disc brake. Original Nissin hydraulics along with our inhouse manufactured pieces and careful assembly ensure you guaranteed performance on the road - And it looks wicked, too!

The brake kit comes assembled and ready-to-go with everything you need except dot 4 brake fluid, you can get this here:  https://www.lambrettaupgrades.co.uk/apps/webstore/products/show/6741362" target="_blank">http://https://www.lambrettaupgrades.co. uk/apps/webstore/products/show/6741362

Brand new but original-look high pressure cast front hub with all new components including new Japanese Nissin dual-piston caliper, disc, stainless steel plate, axle, bearings, speedo drive, seals, etc.

Our sleek polished alloy throttle lever support with low-profile Japanese Nissin master cylinder (ready with 10mm mirror mount), and lever. Bonus: the master cylinder has a switch to hook into your brake light. 

This kit works with your existing speedometer. The hub sits nicely centered and is painted white. 

This also come supplied with a HEL clear coated stainless steel disc brake hose FREE. If you would prefer a different colour or would like to upgrade to a traditionallly routed hose (extra) please mention this in the comments when ordering.

This is to fit DRUM fork links, please check you have a locating stub on your links for this to fit. 

Please carefully choose your master clinder switch housing type from the list below - These are:

Li type (trapezoid switch) 

SX type ( 'D' shaped switch with thin Italian taper - also fits Italian GP) 

Indian GP ( 'D' shaped switch with fat Indian taper on headset)


Li Series 2 ( Rectangular switch with thin Italian taper but with fatter outside diameter) 

TV Series 2 ( 'D' shaped switch with thin Italian taper but with fatter outside diameter) 

Check these pictures out to decide which housing you require....   http://lambrettaupgrades.co.uk/apps/phot os/category?id=1488457

WE CAN ALSO DO THESE WITH BLACK OR RED POLISHED NISSIN MASTER CYLINDER AND/OR CALLIPERS (extra - call or email for details) OR BLACK OR RED CALIPERS (call or email for details) AND ANTI-DIVE (also extra - call or email for details)

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