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Engine bolt - CASA bolt with flat bottom and eccentric frame cones kit - GP length


Top quality, made in the Casa Performance range, by CASA Lambretta. The eccentric cones included in the design of this engine pivot bolt enables the position of the engine to be adjusted, creating an increase in space between the inlet and the frame. Extra room is essential for the successful fitting of larger webs and con rod length of crankshafts to tuned cylinders. A flat side in the shaft of the stud or bolt combined with a flat side in the cones ensures solid positioning. The pivot bolt has a permanently fixed hexagonal end to enable fine adjustment when mounted.

Set includes the engine bolt with flat side and 1 fixed nut, eccentric cones with flat side, 2 x wavy washers & 1 x nyloc nut.

Please note: Can only be used with the wider GP, SX200 style engine mount silent blocks.

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