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Clutch - Complete cassette clutch - 48 tooth, Road version - A F Rayspeed


The AF Lambretta 6 plate road clutch is a very similar design to the AF Surflex 6 plate Race clutch. As a result it shares the high level of durability and clean operation of its Race counterpart. Utilising cast components instead of parts machined from billet reduces the cost considerably. The manufacturing tolerances and finish are not as perfect as our Surflex item but it still represents an extremely robust clutch with a light weight feel and consistent biting point. Suitable for engines ranging from an GP125 to an RB25. The lightweight design and low disengaged friction improve gear selection and gearbox life, whilst the cassette layout makes for simple fitment.

Comes with fitting instructons and a holding tool which can be used on standard clutches (to get your old one out)

The second picture shows the clutch centre for a GP but if you have the Li/SX type clutch nipple click on the other option.

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