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Inlet manifold - Big block, 200cc spacings with flange rubber - MBD, 22 - 25mm, PHBL Etc.


MRB flange type large block Race-Tour inlet manifold with flange rubber. Designed by Mark Broadhurst to give the best clearance from engine to side panels, this suits Dellorto PHBH carbs 26, 28 and 30mm. Also fits PWK type carbs. Perfect for MBgm Race-Tour 195/200 - 225/230 cylinder kits. Fits all large block 200cc inlet stud spacings.


fits with all types of cowlings 

fits with petrol tap rod 

Flange rubber locates inside the inlet manifold

Kit comes complete with:

Die cast polished inlet manifold, MB 

Viton flange rubber, 22 - 25mm MB 

Stainless steel fasteners, MB

Stainless steel jubilee clip


TIP: For safety use gasket sealer on all joints, retighten the fasteners after adding some miles.

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