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Lambretta - Drive side oil seal plate - Lam-up design, stainless steel


Top quality Lambretta dtive side oil seal plate made from 304L stainless steel.

 The aluminium drive seal plates tend to warp, especially if you're not careful when impact driving the screws in, and can even drive thes crews through the plate, we have found this includes the newest, expensive Italian ones!

 These are made in the U.K. exclusively for us and have a larger seal lip to help make sure the seal doesn't curl up when fitting, especially the viton type as these seem to be tighter. We have found on many of the original innocenti drive plates the seal lip is practically non existant due to years of wear and can make them leak!

 We have also found that many drive seal plates are too thick and make the crank rub on the mag housing when fitted, or even you cant fully seal between the casing and the mag housing! 



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