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cylinder kit - RaceTour RT225 - MBgm

£409.99 £429.99

 In the development of the RaceTour cylinders Mark Broadhurst has put his experience from several decades of Lambretta Tuning and over 1,700 tuned two-stroke cylinders into the development of the RaceTour cylinders. The cylinders are available with 195ccm (65mm bore) for the small 125-175cc engine cases and 225ccm (70mm bore) for the 200cc engine cases.


The cylinders offer significantly increased power and therefore more everyday use and driving pleasure, for optimum performance we recommend the fitting of a 60/110 crank.

The power is available relatively early in the rev range and the kits have enough torque to drive longer ratios. The power delivery is very even, so that RaceTour engines feel like an original Innocenti 200cc engine but with twice the power.


The carburettor is located on the left side, just like the original cylinder. There is no need to make any changes to the frame or to the add-on parts. This also makes the RaceTour the ideal cylinder for all those who don't want to change the appearance of their Lambretta, but still don't want to sacrifice performance.

This is sometimes just called the RT225 or RT 225 kit

All necessary gaskets, studs and small parts are included in the delivery.

Update: Pistons now from Meteor (made in italy) with running-in ceramic coating.




Alloy cylinder fully cast and machined with modern retro port spec

Plated cylinder bore

70mm MBgm CAST coated Race-Tour piston kit

Machined CNC cylinder head with 8 point mounting

High tensile long cylinder studs and special head nuts

Exhaust manifold studs and washers

MB exhaust deep Brass nuts

Inlet gasket

4 point exhaust gasket

0.5 and 0.7mm MB base alloy gaskets

4 high tensile head bolts and washers

Ready to fit.


Small end bearing and head gasket do not come with this package.


PLEASE READ MARK'S SETTING UP INSTRUCTTIONS AND CARB SETTING UP BEFORE YOU PHONE FOR ADVICE:  http://www.mbscooters.co.uk/info//mb-set ting-up-instructions/setting-up-*-cylind ers-mbgm-rt+255.html

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