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Vespa - Electrical - Stator plate, BGM version 2.5 - EFL, 5 wires


 This is the latest version of the proven BGM ORIGINAL ignition stator suitable for the five wire Vespa P-range PX - EFL Etc. electronic ignitions. PLEASE CHECK YOUR STATOR HAS 5 WIRES AND THE CONNECTIONS SHOWN IN THE PICTURES BEFORE BUYING!

BGM has revised the BGM original ignition base plate, which has been tried and tested a thousand times, and made it even better, particular attention has been paid to the very high quality of the coils and the pickup.

In addition, the wiring was switched to textile-coated silicone wire. There are many advantages to conventional PVC wires (such as original Piaggio stators).



- Extremely temperature resistant (-40 ° C to + 250 ° C))

- Always remain flexible 

- Very good mechanical protection through the textile fabric 

- Resistant to fats, oils, alcohols, oxygen, ozone 

- Very high insulation properties


The BGM original ignition stator is designed as a high quality direct replacement for an original ignition / alternator, and it can be replaced without modifications. 

Of course, the well-known features have also been preserved:

- Proven low tension ( or L.T. LT) coil with copper plate for maximum reliability

- Pickup with a carbon barrier layer for a clean ignition pulse

- Cleanly processed light coils

- High quality solder joints

- Original cable connectors and lengths for easy wiring

 NOTE : The BGM pickup has a nominal resistance of 100 ohms (+/- 10 ohms)



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