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RB25 - Complete 250cc kit, without head - Triple exhaust port type


Supplied by A F Rayspeed. these fit the larger 200 casings. Your casing will need to be machined to open the spigot mouth out to fit this kit, it will NOT fit straight onto a standard casing.

We recommend you run the Ron Moss Avanti heads with these as they genuinely run 1/3 cooler than with a standard head! These are available here:  http://lambrettaupgrades.co.uk/apps/webs tore/products/show/6861045

The Kit Consists of: - RB25 Cylinder, Piston Complete, Dual Reed Valve Assembly, Inlet Manifold, Inlet, Base, Head and Exhaust Gaskets, Six Inlet Manifold Bolts and Two Exhaust Studs

As this is one of the most powerful kits on the market you will need to fully upgrade your engine to cope with the power, we would recommend: A cassette clutch, touring/race expansion exhaust, 30mm flatslide carburettor, a one piece top chain guide (do not use a bottom one), a stronger selector spring and a race crank - These are all available from us.

Please see recommendations on engine spec. and fitting instructions prior to buying to check your engine will cope with the extra power, and what else you may need to buy to complete your engine  http://www.afrayspeed.co.uk/pages/rb25-f itting-instructions

 A race crankshaft is required for this kit. We recommend a 60/110 Gran turismo crank if you have opened up the spigot mouth, or you can use a bigger crank and you don't need to have the casing machined!

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