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Rear hub - Recessed bearing seal plate - Flat/0.3, 0.5/0.7 or 0.9/1.2 - MBD


This is a new MRB designed Rear Hub bearing plate. 3 sizes available, we only have 2 in stock at the minute.

  Comes in stainless steel and one has a recess on one side of 0.5mm recess on the other side of 0.7mm. and the other has a recess on one side of 0.9mm and on the other side it's 1.2mm. Choose from the dropdown menu

 These new plates are designed to get rid of the older shim and plate - you only fit this plate!

 Both recesses are ideal for bearings that sits up out of the casing. We use these when fitting 5 speed gearboxes when you have to shim the bearing.

 This design locates over the bearing making sure when it's tightened down the bearing stays in place.

 This design has the 4 holes elongated to fit over old engines with bent out studs.


Top tip - use 6mm nyloc nuts with flat washers and dont over tighten the plate, so the studs bend.

Top tip - ideally once tightened there should be a gap of 0.1 - 0.2mm from the shim to the casing.

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