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Vespa - Drive side bearing repair circlip ring


Did you also accidentally break the seating of the lock ring at the clutch side bearing while mounting a new main bearing? What to do now? Welding…?


SIP has the solution: the lock ring SIP clutch  is an appropriate replacement for your original lock ring as well as the broken seating. Additionally, it serves as a new perfect stop for the new main bearing.


Made from high-strength spring steel complying with DIN-standard and built to resist any normal loads.

Please note: you need to drill the casing and secure this with bolts.

Suitable for the following models:

Vespa 125 VNA-TS, 150 VBA-T4, GS160, SS180, Rally, T5, PX80, 125, 150 & 200, P125E, P150E & P200E

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