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Vespa - Fork link bearing pivot pinset


Top quality fork spindle swingarm link pivot pin set from BGM. The swing arm bearing is responsible for precise wheel guidance and takes all the punishment from steering the scooter, this is also an MOT relevant component so needs to be a smooth action. 

The bolt is fixed in the steering tube and is guided in needle bearings in the aluminium fork link swing arm. These are sealed by O-rings and V-rings, the bearings are fixed by pressed-in 'star' staples.

This repair needs to be done with a strong press (10 ton minimum)

Suitable for the following Vespa:
 PX 80, 125, 150 & 200 (1984-, V8X1T , VLX1T , VNX1T , VNX2T , VSX1T , ZAPM09, ZAPM18, ZAPM50, ZAPM51, ZAPM74), EFL, T5 125 (VNX5T), Cosa 125-200 (VSR1T, VNR1T, VNR2T), PK 50 (V5X1T), PK 50 XL2 Automatica

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