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Vespa top end - Complete DR180 kit - P125X, P150X, PX125e, PX150e

£169.99 £174.99

Good quality cylinder kit at a very good price with power reserves for problem free, daily usage. The DR 177 gives better performance in higher rev ranges due to it's two auxiliary exhaust ports than standard, and this makes it dependable through it's relative low compression. When the 3rd cylinder transfer port is blown (gasket), the DR can be also be driven on engines with 2 transfer ports. It also gets a respectable performance increase but do not be fooled by the CC's this is not in the same bracket as the Malossi, Polini, Quattrini Etc kits.

These can also be tuned further using the POLINI head and adapting the cylinder transfer port layout to POLINI 177 dimensions, the 177 gets more power, but won't be completely indestructible and, frankly, you may as well buy the polini kit! The OLYMPIA 177 is identical to this DR 177 (or 180) kit.


Conclusion: a top all round, cheap cylinder kit with great long distance qualities if run in and looked after properly.

Tech spec:

Cast Iron 63mm Bore, 7 Transfers, 177.68ccm. Cast iron cylinder, 57mm stroke, 7 transfers, pistons with 2 piston rings, exhaust with additional auxilliary outlets, original DR cylinder head and gasket set included in delivery. The crankcase will not need modification in the first step, jets and ignition should be checked and optimized.

PLEASE NOTE: Models with elestart will need modification of lower cooling fins, as the starter cog teeth may touch the barrel.

Suitable for the following Vespa models:

125 GTR 2°, TS, Sprint 150 2°, V, 150 Super 2°,P125X, P150X, PX125e, PX150e, Lusso, Cosa.

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