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Vespa oil seals - Crankshaft drive and fly, Viton - Malossi


Malossi uses the best materials for its crank shaft seals. They consist of a steel core covered with fluorinated rubber (FKM/FPM). The inner running surface, which has direct contact with the sealing surface of the crankshaft, is made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). Both materials are known under the trade names Viton and Teflon of the manufacturer DuPont. PTFE is extremely resistant to all acids, oils, greases, alcohols and fuels. Due to the increased Ethanol content in today's fuel, seals of this material are recommended. In addition to their enormous wear resistance, they run with low friction, which makes them a must for all engines with higher speeds. . The PX engine clutch or drive side seal on the crankshaft is made of such a material (brown sealing lip).

Very low wear

High  heat resistance

Extremely low frictional resistance

Resistant to almost all chemicals

Perfectly suitable for heavily tuned engines

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