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Dellorto carburettor - slide needle, PHBH - X range, in-between sizes X7/X13. X13/X2 MBD


Top quality, made by MRB. This needle is only suitable for a PHBH type 26, 28 and 30mm Dell'orto carburettor, which is the most common one on uprated Lambretta and Vespa engines.



Specially made for MB Scooters, this needle fits between a X7 and a X13 and the other X13 and X2 on the scale of weak to rich.


The next weakest needle would be a X7

The next richest needle would be a X13 then an X13-2, then an X2

X7/13 - Diameter 2.50mm, Tip 1.80mm, Taper 21mm.

X13/2 - Diameter 2.50mm, Tip 1.80mm, taper 23mm.

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