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Vespa - Longer hardened M7 barrel studs, M7 x 155mm


Extra long studs for small block PX ( 80, 125 and 150cc) and all smallframe cylinders FALC, MALOSSI, POLINI, QUATTRINI and PARMAKIT when using a stroked crank and packer plates. The length of the standard studs simply becomes too short to fit and torque the nuts down correctly and the cylinder head nuts are only locking on the very last groove of the thread.

Made from hardened and tempered steel and hand machined. ESC-proven, size: M7x155mm

Has a 6mm spanner slot at the top and bottom for fitting (instead of double nutting!)

4 are usually required per rebuild. Sold individually, price is for 1. 

Price includes VAT @ 20%

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