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CDI and regulator electronic mounting kit - Series 1 and 2, SLJ - VAPE ignitions


Top quality Lambretta electronic frame mounting kit for series 1 and 2 machines, made in the U.K.  by SLJ (John Madison, Scooter Loopy John), these electronic mounting brackets can now be used  with the VAPE electronic ignition systems They are already designed and come with the correct holes drilled, an earth wire and fixings for use with Varitronic, CASAtronic and Ducati type electronic kits.

The ones on the market at the minute for VAPE ignitions on the series 1 & 2 are frankly shoddy, too thin, don't do the job properly and will rattle to bits. These SLJ ones are 10mm thick aluminium plate and bolt directly into the original fixing holes in the frame. with the regulator and CDI bolted into tapped holes in the plate and comes with bobbins to secure the CDI in the correct place.

These are more expensive than the original type one due to the extra machining, fixings and machined bobbins. The standard kit (for use on non VAPE systems) is cheaper and available here:  http://lambrettaupgrades.co.uk/apps/webs tore/products/show/6218788

Comes with easy to follow fitting instructions.


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