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Lambretta top end - CASA performance SS225 - 39mm piston crown height


Top quality, race specification cylinder kit from Rimini Lambretta and Vittorio Tessera. The SS 225.

 Large reed valve for increased power -  'This 225cc can easily be persuaded to produce at least 25PS and the 225cc is capable of taking engines beyond the 30PS mark'. It is equipped with generously dimensioned reed valve inlets and they also each possess five transfer ports and a single-bridged exhaust port. Their high quality manufacture is taken care of by the renowned PARMAKIT.

This version comes with the 39mm compression height piston, more suited to standard stroke or 60/110 stroke crankshafts.


Features a high pressure cast, nikasil coated barrel, forged piston and comes complete with manifold, reed valve, gaskets and carburettor rubber.

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