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Tyres - 350 x 10 - BGM Sport, rated 59S - Tubeless type, 112mph!


The bgm Sport tyre is the right choice for all sporty ambitious drivers. Thanks to the superior rubber compound and sophisticated tread design, it can handle any situation. The release up to 112 MPH / 180 km/h makes it definitely the first choice for all powerful engine concepts.

The specially adapted material mixture with a high silica compound ensures excellent grip in dry and wet conditions. The extremely stable carcass ensures perfect straight-line stability and excellent line fidelity during rapid cornering. Usually tyres are simply moulded from one layer of rubber. The bgm tyres are much more complex to produce and consist of several layers of rubber to create the perfect tyre that meets the highest requirements and has the highest speed rating on the market.


 - Additional REINFORCING

 - Extremely strong carcass for perfect straight-line stability and excellent line holding during fast cornering.

 - V shape instead of U shape. This means that the tyre steers much better in bends and offers more contact area when leaning.

 - Specially adapted material compound (Silica Compound ) for excellent grip in dry and wet conditions.

 - Made in Germany.


PLEASE NOTE: For some reason these are marked only for TUBELESS tyres and NOT suitable for rims with tubes.






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