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Lambretta top end - Barrel inlet manifold, small block - MBD


Top quality, a proven product and design from MRB.This manifold is for fitting a rubber mounted 28 or 30mm PHBH type carburettor to a 125/150/175cc cast/alloy type cylinders (not RT)

 It comes with a special MB long stainless steel bolt to replace the long inlet stud otherwise it is very hard to fit the manifold without dropping the engine.

 Fits all 125/150/175cc cylinders.

 If you would wish to use this on a 125/ 150/ 175/ 190 etc and use either a Mikuni TMX 35 or VHSH 30-32 or Amal 28-32mm then use stepped rubber MBP0327 for this to fit and work.

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