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Lambretta exhaust - Avanti / Supertune EX BOX ST Clubman


The latest addition to our Avanti Ex-Box  exhausts is the ST, straight through SuperClubman version, (no baffles) and has an end can to help with the noise.

 On the right kit this exhaust will rev out higher than the standard version without losing any torque.


 It's got bags of Torque, pulls from nothing, loads of mid range, gets rid of gas on high capacity engines, so they do not over heat. Noise is VERY acceptable ( so say the customers) and will still beat the opposition. on a 1/4 mile blast. Oh and purrs along very easily at 80 mph (GPS) ( if your machine is capable), It's a No- Brainer - Ron Moss

 Made for Avanti in collaboration with DEP Pipes Limited a renowned Moto X Exhaust Manufacturer.

 The Ex-Box comes in four parts:-

   Exhaust body with shortened tail pipe (to fit the end can)

   Stub Manifold ( standard, TS1, RB or Quattrini - Please choose from the drop-down menu)

   Stainless Steel Header Pipe ( “U” Tube)

   Silencer with adjustable crankcase bracket


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