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Vespa - oil seal set - P125X, P150X, P200e, super Etc - Metal drive seal


Top quality seals kit from SIP for Vespa 150 Super, T5, early and EFL PX - Please check the sizes you require before buying, it is usually the rear hub seal that is different

These are all produced by CORTECO. The blue type are a little tougher than the black type which can be found in most engines as an original PIAGGIO component. The brown seals are produced using a fluoro polymer material (FPM), are especially heat resistant (up to 160° and are harder wearing with more resistance against oil. Both types see wide spread use in all two -stroke motors.

 Fly seal, blue - 24 x 35 x 6

 Metal drive seal, brown - 31 x 62 x 4.3 x 5.8

 Rear hub seal, black - 37 x 47 x 6 mm

It is recommended you use loctite on the drive seal to secure it in the casing.


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