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Carburettor - Inlet manifold carb mounting rubber - Dellorto PHBH, MBD - VITON


Top quality, improved and strengthened Viton carb mounting rubber, made by MRB. Suitable for all Lambrettas or Vespas running any Dellorto 26 - 30mm PHBH or 30mm VHSA carbs. Comes marked with MB.

 Also fits the PWK type carbs from BGM, Stage6, Koso, OKO

 Fits carb spigot 35mm and comes with a single lip both sides.

 The rubber measures 32mm in length.

 Can come in Black or Brown depending on stock.



 1. Make sure both inlet manifold and carb are clean and dry before fitting

2. Always use the wide type Jubilee clips

3. Do not over tighten the clips

4. Always carry a spare!

5. Regularly lightly twist the carb to check for splits<

6. Support the base of the carb against the cowl to hold the weight of the carb

Product code: LUMBP0161

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