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Vespa cables - Clutch, complete - PX EFL onwards, SIP brand


Top quality, complete clutch cable from the SIP PERFORMANCE range for Vespa with PE liner sleeve and barrel nipple in grey. This has the tophat shape at the top end to fit into the headset, so not suitable for earlier P125x / P200e / Rally Etc. models.



Suitable for:

PX80e, PX150e, PX200e, EFL, Disc, MY, '98, ​T5

Also LML Star/ and Deluxe 125-200 2T ( stroke ) and 4T ( stroke )

cable inner length =1890mm, 19 strands, Ø 2.0mm thick. Outer = 1575mm, Ø  6,0 mm stainless steel, oiled

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