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Lambretta disc brake - Hose reversed and through switch housing with removable end - Stainless steel with coloured coating


Top quality, made exclusively using HEL parts by Lambretta upgrades, this has a 60 degree banjo at the top and a loose 20 degree at the bottom (this is not fitted), following the behind the mudguard routing, See pictures. This type route through the switch housing and into the headset, down the horncasting and out the mudguard, then fit the banjo once cut to length.

 There are several reasons to do this - it means you don't have to drill a hole in an expensive, original headset and it looks far neater, yet still looks trick! Massive props go out to Jason Frost for this design as he definitely made them popular!

They are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel braided hose, with a swaged stainless fitting permanently attached to the hose at the top means there is less chance of spilling DOT4 all down your legshields! They are lined with a Teflon inner hose.


Comes with 2 x stainless steel banjo bolts and 4 x copper crush washers.

Please note: You have to modify your switch housing for this to work. We can provide you with one already done, or we can modify yours (this is extra).

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