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Lambretta top end - Barrel inlet manifold, large block and RT195 - Rubber mount, MBD


This has been one of the most popular inlet manifolds over the years. It is for fitting a rubber mounted 26, 28 or 30mm Dellorto PHBH, 28 or 30mm PWK type carburettors to a 200cc cast type oval port cylinder, or the MBgm 195 kit. This has a groove in the correct place to take a PHBH carburettor rubber, these are available here:  http://lambrettaupgrades.co.uk/apps/webs tore/products/show/7895263

 This is a retro version which points more to the front of the Scooter giving it a bit of a ram air effect - ideal for cutdowns, choppers and with holes in the sidepanel.

 It comes with a long stainless steel bolt to replace the long inlet stud, this means you can fit the manifold without dropping the engine.

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