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Vespa electrical - Starter relay, Piaggio


Top quality PIAGGIO original 12Volt, 80 Amp Starter relay  for Piaggio scooters. 

 If the scooter does not start via the electric starter, it is possible the starter relay may have stopped working. This switches the battery current directly to the starter motor, and if the relay is defective, you will not hear a typical clicking sound when pressing the start button. If the battery is OK (flashers flash, horn works), the relay is usually defective and must be replaced.

Suitable for the following models: 

PX with electric start (1998 onwards), ET2, ET4, GT, GTS 125-300, GTL, GTV, LX, LXV, LT, S, 946, Primavera , Sprint, Piaggio Beverly , Carnaby , Fly , Free , Hexagon, Liberty , MP 3 , NRG, Quartz , Sfera , Skipper , SKR, TPH , X 10 and  X

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