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Lambretta Clutch - CasaPerformance Power Master, standard crankcase side - 47 tooth


The Casa Performance PowerMaster STD is the new cassette clutch for classic Lambretta S1+S2+S3+DL+Serveta engines. This range of clutch is successfull used as standard in all the Casa Performance SSR & SST engines, with NO issues with +50BHP.

 This can be used with both standard or tuned machines. The kit has 7 plates and 10 springs. It comes with its holding tool, clutch nut and washer and SX and GP nipples. No sidecasing spacers or other type of machining required. Simply Plug'n'Play with both original side chain casing or the CasaCover.

 The crownwheel, spider and upper plate are stainless made, CNC machined. This type of machining leaves the clutch very light, only 1800g and superstrong. After special heat treatment, both the crownwheel and spider are ground down to provide the best chain alignment and no power loss. The clutch has a "Thrust bearing system" which helps and keeps the clutch action featherweight!

 The Casa Performance PowerMaster STD is a Cassette type Clutch, so it can be dismantled in one piece! This helps manteinance operations or the removal of other internal parts. No more time wasting! Simply fit and forget!

This is the 47 teeth crownwheel version 

Product code: LUSP22010410

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