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Ignition switch - Series 3, DC - OSAM


Scootopia made Lambretta series 3 & DL/GP ignition switch & OSAM marked keys (as original). This system allowed a DC model to have emergency lights if the engine stopped running, by switching the key to the -1 position. The brown wire, which goes live in the 3rd setting was AC power from the engine, so when headlight was required, the headlight and tail light would operate AC at that point. The horn, and brake light also ran DC on these models, but their power was direct from the rectifier (horn) or jumped off the grey wire at the brake pedal switch.

DC ignition switches is set up as such:

Position -1: Grey connects to Black and Yellow (tail light and pilot light run off the battery). Green is connected to Pink (engine kill)

Position 0: Green is connected to Pink (engine kill), no other connections

Position 1: no connections

Position 2: Grey connects to Black and Yellow (tail light and pilot light run off the battery), no other connections

Position 3: Brown connects to Orange (handlebar switch) and Black (tail light), grey has no connection at this point


So wiring works out this:

 Grey goes in, exits the black and yellow at -1 and 2

Brown goes in, exits the orange and black at 3

Green goes in, exits the Pink at -1 and 0


Normal Feeds are:

 Grey = DC power in

Yellow = power to the pilot light

Black = power to tail light

Orange = power to handlebar switch

Green = ignition power in

Pink = ignition power ground

Brown = AC power in

Sticky's Spanner's Manual says - The forked tag on the pink wire below is intended to fit under the forward-most of the three bolts that secure the headset to the fork clamp. Because the securing nut is masked by the headset it makes changing an ignition switch very difficult without lifting the headset off the fork stem. One alternative is to cut off the forked terminal and replace it with a small ring terminal which may be secured under one of the throttle rod arch-bracket screws.

As originally fitted to -

 Series Three: LI150 Special, SX150, SX200, TV175, TV200

 DL / Grand Prix: 125, 150, 200

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