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Spark plugs - Nippon Denso IW31 Iridium, long reach B10ES equivalent


Cold running, long reach Nippon Denso iridium spark plug for highly tuned Lambretta and Vespa (that use a long reach plug) engined scooters.
 Where Iridium TT is the best available value option for many cars, Iridium Power is a great choice for the high power and high revving engines in vehicles such as motorcycles, quads, jet skis etc.

Ultra-fine 0.4mm diameter Iridium centre electrode

Denso's patented Iridium alloy centre electrode technology means that the required spark voltage is lowered and firing performance is improved when compared to other spark plugs.

Improved Ignitability

The stronger spark delivers more efficient ignition performance

Improved Output

Lower voltage requirements and high ignitability mean that combustion is improved

Reduced Emissions

Improved ignitability leads to less combustion fluctuation, less fuel consumption and reduced CO, CO2 and HC emissions

U-groove and taper cut ground electrode - ground electrodes are produced with a U-groove cut into the inside face. This groove provides a large space for flame growth during combustion. Sparks love to form between high points and edges and the additional edges of the U-groove channel provide additional points for the spark to jump. The taper cut ground has been cut into a tapered shape, this reduces flame contact during combustion and relieves some thermal load from the ground electrode. It also reduces the electrode mass, reducing the risk of vibration stress and damage.

Product code: LUGSC5319

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