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Lambretta Clutch - 6 plate cassette from A F Rayspeed - 47T, ROAD version


AF Rayspeed 6 Plate Road Clutch 47 tooth teeth (six plate cassette clutch).

 This road version of the Lambretta lightweight clutch assembly is descended from the race version, which AF tested extensively on the racetrack. The design of both versions is very similar. While the components of the Race version are machined from bar stock, the Road version uses cast components. Both versions share reliability and high precision functionality as features. The clutch itself is lightweight and easy to fit due to the cassette design and the 6 plates are compressed by 5 springs.


 47 tooth crownwheel

 Six aluminum and cork conductive plates

 Five steel drive plates 

 Five reinforced springs


Supplied with tool for tightening / loosening clutch nut (also supplied).


Choose which centre you require from the drop-down menu -

 Li / SX / TV type (with nipple)

 GP type (no nipple)



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